Saracom Ltd. is able to offer static seals for piston machine stocks production and they can be produced in rated or remedial dimensions of the diameters of the shafts, minimizing the clearances.
The materials used are mainly Stainless Steel for springs, Carbon of Teflon filled with carbon for sectors.
The grades of used carbon are:

- Graphite without impregnation
- Graphite , resin impregnated
- Graphite , antimony impregnated
- Graphite , salt impregnated
- Carbon graphite, without impregnation
- Carbon graphite, resin impregnated
- Carbon graphite, antimony impregnated
- Carbon graphite, white metal impregnated
- Resin bonded graphite

We can produce these seals according our/client’s drawing or sample, after specifying the working conditions.
So, in this way we can guarantee a high wear resistance and long life performance.


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