We produce mechanical seals for different kinds of pumps, compressors and agitators. In difference of the world leading producers, who offer to the clients only catalogues with specified types of the seals and the client has to bear in mind with the exactly appointed types, we are working in another direction:
Depending of the working conditions, type of the fluid and dimensions of the sealing chamber, we can offer the best solution as type of the seal and used materials for it. I.e. we take into consideration of the client, not him of us.
All materials we use in the production are the same as in world leading producers.

- for bodies of the seals- Stainless steel , different grades, depending of the working fluid

- - for sealing couple: carbon-steel, carbon-cast iron; carbon- SiC ; SiC-SiC; carbon Al2O3 etc.

- Graphite without impregnation
- Graphite , resin impregnated
- Graphite , antimony impregnated
- Graphite , salt impregnated
- SiSiC
- Carbon graphite, without impregnation
- Carbon graphite, resin impregnated
- Carbon graphite, antimony impregnated
- Carbon graphite, white metal impregnated

- Resin bonded graphite


- for contrary seats: Carbon ,different grades ;metal/steel or cast iron/ ;SiC :Al2O3etc.

- for springs: special Stainless Steel grade.

- For elastomers : Silicone Rubber, NBR, EPDM ,Viton ,Teflon, etc.

We are working successfully in Textile, Petrol, Perfume, Food and rest Industries and can offer complete seals or parts of them , as well OAM spare parts or repairing of the complete seals.

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